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CoolBlu Cooler Logo, blue waves on the left side and CoolBlu on the right side

All-In-One Cooler

All CoolBlu Coolers come with a health lock that can be enabled or disabled at your discretion. The remote monitoring capabilities can capture data and eliminate the need to physically visit the cooler.

Modular Refrigeration Deck

The complete refrigeration deck can be removed from the front of the machine within minutes—saving time and money. Virtually anyone can change out the CoolBlu refrigeration deck, giving you full control of your cooler.

Larger Capacity

CoolBlu Coolers have 27 usable cubic feet on the inside. Featuring five shelves with eight facings that go nine bottles deep, there is a total capacity of 360. That's up to 40% more capacity compared to competitors.


With CoolBlu Coolers, we offer the option of custom vent decals. This gives you the opportunity to highlight your business or location on the bottom grill of the cooler. If you purchase a cooler with a header, you can also customize that with your brand.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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